neverending necklace collection


The necklace slips easily over the head, and the pearls are meant to be positioned on the side, to give it a dynamic, asymmetrical look, and lift the pearls’ sheen and luster closer to the face. The necklace is available in four different gauges with correlated pearls sizes. A versatile and timeless piece for a mature, urban, sophisticated woman.

(I’ve also designed a shorter version ( see first page), with a clasp and adjustable links, in which the pearls are also positioned asymmetrically)


26 “ long, sterling silver, fresh water pearls, goldfilled tubes, (no clasp).

In the left picture you can see the Neverending necklace #2, in the right the Neverending # 3. (I consider the # 2 to be the medium size, fitting most body sizes - the # 3 and #4 provide a more substantial look).



The four different gauges provide a customized look for the wearer, providing the opportunity for a lighter to a more substantial look.

Neverending #1 - 3.5 mm dia.    $345


Neverending #2 - 4.2mm dia.     $395 

Neverending #3 - 5mm dia.       $495  

Neverending #4 - 6.2mm dia.     $585 


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